KABC founder Petey Cerf inspired her oldest child, William Dann, to stay close to the work she began back in the early 1970’s to improve nursing home care. William always had a keen interest in the quality of care frail and aging Kansans received. He was deeply interested in stopping the abuse of elders and respect for their rights.

Mr. Dann was one of the first to contribute to KABC’s endowment fund when it was founded in our 30th year. For 25 years he made substantial financial contributions which funded KABC’s advocacy with policy makers, support and guidance for older adults seeking long-term care and all the work KABC did which led to better care for all older Kansans. William frequently encouraged people within his personal network to join or contribute to KABC’s work.

Mr. Dann liked to watch his charitable donations be put to good use by the non-profit organizations he supported. He enjoyed visiting with and hearing more about the people who were helped and the accomplishments that resulted from his gifts.

In 2006, Mr. Dann moved into a residential care facility, where he lived until his death in September 2020.

We invite you to join Mr. Dann and his caring spirit, so that KABC is able to assist those needing long-term care and their families receive good care. To join or contribute to KABC, contact the KABC office toll-free: 800-525-1782.