The Care You Want ~ Quality Care Checklist

If you are one of the thousands of older Kansans who want to live at home and need support and services, this Quality Care Checklist is for you. Most of us put off thinking about the help we may need to stay at home as we age, leaving us unprepared when we need support. The Quality Care Checklist will walk you through things to consider as you make decisions – which can be life-changing – about where to live, types of help that let you remain more independent, the differences between home health and home care, challenges you’ll face as you choose a caregiver(s) whether family or paid, the ways technology and assistive devices can help promote your independence, and the all- important resources which can help you navigate care at home.

We expect this Quality Care Checklist to improve over time as you use it and share with us what would make it better. The Quality Care Checklist is available in print or on our website. The version we post to our website will be updated as we gain new insights and when laws change which impact quality home care. Visit our site to confirm resources and contact information. If you’d like a print copy(ies), we’re happy to mail them to you.

Learn more about “The Care You Want” and find the Quality Care Checklist HERE.

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